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Customer Experience (CX)

SAP introduced the 4th generation of CRM, covering crucial areas connected to relations with customers.

SAP Customer Experience Management portfolio is a Cloud based bundle of solutions that aims to manage the full customer life cycle engagement while giving the full insights of customer interactions and behavior. C4/HANA Portfolio enables delivering the optimum service towards different types of customer throughout different customer interactions perspectives.

SOLEX Believes in Customer experience portfolio importance towards manage full customer lifecycle and engagement. Our team has a vast exposure towards C4/HANA Solutions within Sales, Marketing and Service solutions with different industries experience. 


Due to SAP’s major realignment in the CRM environment, having an expert partner will be more important than ever in the coming years.


Explore the SAP Customer Experience products

SAP Service Cloud 

Customer Service Management

SAP Sales


Lead and Sales

Efficiency Management 

SAP Commerce

Universal E-commerce Platform

SAP Marketing


Marketing Automation

SAP Marketing


Marketing Automation

SAP Configurable

Price Quotation

Sales Configuration


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SAP Service Cloud

Make Your Customers Happy.


Nothing is more valuable than a satisfied customer. This goal can only be achieved if your complete customer journey is oriented towards the customers and place them and their needs at the center of your operating processes. 


SAP Service Cloud (formerly SAP Hybris Service Cloud) is the advanced SAP CRM solution for your customer service processes and supports you in fulfilling your after sales services. With the SAP Service Cloud, you can quickly and easily answer customer inquiries through all channels, react appropriately to customer complaints, and convert service cases into excellent marketing opportunities for your company. Service technicians can work directly in the system through mobile devices – without annoying paperwork. And all of this also includes real-time reporting.

SOLEX provide your service employees with the tools they need. Our experts examine your individual requirements to map your digital business processes in customer service. Furthermore, Solex connects the service cloud to your existing interfaces. In this way, you benefit from a solution optimally embedded in your individual architecture.

Key Benefits



customer support

SAP Service Cloud gives you access to a consistent history of interaction and conversation with your customers, all kept in one place


Customer support

in all conditions

The use of mobile technology will allow your field service technicians to quickly and efficiently eliminate the malfunction, increasing customer satisfaction and team productivity


Using Internet of Things for effective operation

improving the quality and reliability of services by collecting information from sensors, using data from machines in real time and making advanced analyses and equipment condition assessments, as well as conducting preventive actions and eliminating costly downtimes

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SAP Sales Cloud

Create a complete view of every customer and every opportunity with automatic monitoring of customer activity.

The essential task of an efficient Customer Relationship Management is to focus on customer relationships and on the efficient process design of these relationships. Today's customers are better informed than ever. They research and compare products and services online.


SAP Sales Cloud based solution covering the end to end sales & pre-selling processes of capturing leads till conversation towards a contracted customer. It leverages the power of cloud through enabling multiple capabilities within managing potential customers through digital trends and technologies. SAP Sales cloud enables high win rates within different sales team to achieve their plans.

SOLEX can help you supply your sales force with the information they need – anywhere, and anytime. With Solex, you have a partner that pursues a holistic approach in the field of Customer Experience. Together with you, we develop your personal digital success strategy! Based on our project experience, we have put together modules for the SAP Sales Cloud for you, with which you can optimize your sales processes – tailor-made for your company. 

Key Benefits



With the SAP Sales Cloud, you always have an overview of your data: On the account, contact, and lead level, and on the territory and opportunity level.



Thanks to seamless integration of the SAP Sales Cloud with your central ERP system, the consistency of your data is always assured.


Real time

See your pipeline, leads, opportunities, and the sales already generated in real time.

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SAP Commerce Cloud

Contact and interact with your customers anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

An omnichannel platform for B2B, B2C and B2B2C businesses, SAP Commerce Cloud (former SAP Hybris Commerce) is designed to engage with customers across various touchpoints. In all industries, customer behavior and knowledge has changed. Today, companies face well-informed customers that do their own research and compare providers before contacting a specific vendor. 


Digital commerce solutions are capturing the minds of business owners, for they open the way to the global market. If you are one of these minds desiring to quickly go to market with a cloud commerce solution that will provide relevant experiences to more customers via multiple channels, SAP Commerce Cloud can be a perfect fit for you.

SOLEX supports you in seamlessly integrating all of your channels and processes – both online and off-line – to establish long-term customer loyalty. Based on our project experience, we have compiled modules for the SAP Commerce Cloud with which you can optimize your e-commerce processes – and all of this tailored to your company.

Key Benefits



The platform is suitable for companies of all sizes, supports different retail business models (B2C — selling directly to consumers, B2B — selling to organizations, B2B2C — selling via distributors or resellers, marketplace — a united platform for various vendors) and offers various pricing options. 


Rapid integration

A range of technologies and standard configurations available with the platform allow for quick deployment and market release.


All-in-one-place content 

Users access real-time data on products, services, shopping terms and other information at a single location.

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SAP Makreting Cloud

Create Compelling Marketing Campaigns, tailored to your customers.

SAP Marketing Cloud (the former SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud) enables you to get insights into the behavior of your customers in real time which can directly be considered for the development of individualized shopping experiences. As a result, you can develop individual campaigns across all channels tailored exactly to the needs of your customers.


SAP Marketing Cloud is a robust solution covering the marketing units within different types of organization operating with dynamic business models. It focuses on Omni-Channel communication that provides you with a 360° view of each of your customers in real time, helping you always keep a clear view and offer your customers a unique, attractive and individual customer experience, in turn, increases the conversion rate and customer loyalty.

With many years of SAP and SAP Hybris experience, Solex can provide businesses with everything they need regarding the new SAP Customer Experience and SAP C4/HANA. we support companies of all sizes with the integration of SAP Marketing Cloud highlighted by a range of SAP Hybris projects in B2B and B2C markets in the region. 

Key Benefits


Company-wide data consolidation 

Instead of data silos distributed within the company, you will obtain a collective overview of customers and prospects so that you can use all master and interaction data.


Dynamic segmentation

in real-time

Even in the case or large amounts of data, you can experiment with different segmentations without delays in order to quickly and easily reach the most appropriate audiences for your next campaigns.


Campaign automation

The SAP Marketing Cloud allows you to create automated time-based and trigger-based campaigns that are able to respond to a number of recipient interactions, for example, a follow-up message when specific

e-mail links are clicked.

SAP Configurable Price Quotation 

Create Compelling Marketing Campaigns, tailored to your customers

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SAP Configurable Price Quotation (CPQ) is a reliable sales configuration system. It is designed to help users to cut through the complexity of selling solutions that feature multifaceted combinations. CPQ considered multiple variables to offer the best pricing towards customer aligned with leveraging new digital trends towards proposing extensive options to upsell and cross sell throughout the negotiation process.


SAP Configurable Price Quotation (CPQ) has the most powerful compute engine in the world, designed to calculate even the most complicated and lengthy quotes instantly. Purpose-built on an independent, scalable platform, users are able to generate quotes of 10,000 lines or more in seconds.

Key Benefits


Increase sales effectiveness

Help sales reps sell through more channels faster by eliminating order errors, generating proposals instantly, and providing customer- and channel-specific pricing.


Enhance operational efficiency

Establish intelligent, integrated sales processes to generate quotes faster, simplify approvals, cut sales cycles, and free staff to focus on sales.


Work smarter

Improve business insights to maximize sales opportunities, increase cross- and up-selling, and optimize pricing, while protecting margins.

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