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Network and Spend Managment

SAP Ariba

Manage all categories of spend with the market's leading cloud solutions and world's largest business network

Ariba Network is a dynamic, digital marketplace where millions of buyers and suppliers, operating in more than 190 countries, will transact more than USD 3.2 trillion in business commerce this year.



Solex provide integrated functional and industry digital roadmaps, data models, key performance indicators and SAP-based industry solutions that help organizations maximize the effectiveness and financial impact of their sourcing and procurement functions. 

Ariba Solutions

Supplier Management 

Optimize supplier relationships by managing supplier information, lifecycle, performance, and risk


Strategic Sourcing

​Simplify and improve the analyze-to-contract management process by enabling strategic sourcing for both indirect and direct materials.


Digitize and streamline all or parts of your procurement processes for greater compliance and control with lower costs and risks.

Intelligent Spend Management

Supporting all categories of spend, be there every time money is spent, regardless of the source of that spending, and capture that data

Direct Spend

​Connect the people, partners, processes, and information needed to manage all design-to-deliver activities in a simple, smart, and open way.

Financial Supply Chain 

When you turn payables into strategic assets you can boost free cash flow, free up working capital, and deliver more bottom-line value.

Key Benefits


Spend Analysis

Organize all spend data from across different systems and identify and prioritize sourcing opportunities more easily.


Discovery for buyers

A free buyer-supplier matching service, putting a world of high-quality suppliers at your fingertips to drive bids for your business up, and your costs down.


Sourcing Solutions

Source services, indirect materials, even direct materials using SAP Ariba Sourcing and SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing Suite.


Savings Pipeline and Tracking

Build and track your savings pipeline to make sure your strategic sourcing milestones are being achieved.


Ariba Contracts

Speed up contract cycles by 50% and reduce administrative and legal costs by up to 30% when you rid yourself of the paper and ink.


Guided Buying

Guided buying gives employees a simple way to buy smarter.

Key Capabilities



Ariba Network is the world’s largest B2B network, a dynamic, digital marketplace that facilitates trillions of dollars in annual business commerce between more than 3.6 million connected companies.


Extensible and Configurable

Now it's easier than ever to securely extend the functionality of your procurement solutions with APIs, forms, and configuration management tools.



From source to settle, you can efficiently and effectively control costs, maximize savings, and minimize risks across all spend categories by automating processes end to end on a single, integrated platform.


Guided Buying

Guided buying gives employees a simple way to buy smarter



With modular approach to digital process transformation, you choose where to start and can scale as you grow.


Fast Enablement

Enabling supplier catalogs, from creation through cleaning and onboarding, is fast and easy — even when you need catalogs in multiple languages and with millions of SKUs.    


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