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Founded in February 2018 with head office in Cairo, Egypt. Since then, we have built a reputation of providing an unrivalled depth of reliability, trust and partnership with all of our clients.


SOLEX is an SAP certified partner with a management team having repository of valuable knowledge and experience as being the pioneers of SAP within EMEA region providing SAP business solutions across different industry sectors and delivering global SAP key projects.


We are helping companies take advantage of SAP solutions, both on premise and cloud, to deliver solutions that are not only compliant but drives innovation, flexibility and scalability.

When you meet us, you'll discover a company that has successfully maintained its values and client focus through significant growth.  


SOLEX provides multiple prepacked solutions that delivers excellence in a cost and time effective manner with proven references to create a new customer experience to our clients, so that they can meet their market requirements and be able to focus on the business growth.


SOLEX is differentiated by delivering digital ecosystem to our clients with tangible ROI to help them creating innovative new business models and gain competitive advantage in their market segments with the minimum cost.


Enrich SAP customers with new trends and solutions that drives them successfully towards the digital journey. We will continue to expand and evolve, striving to meet the changing needs of our industry, our clients and our employees, but we will remain true to our values.


Helping our clients towards digitalizing their businesses starting from adopting new trends of decision making till reaching the deployment of the best fit technologies and solutions, so that they can deliver seamless services to their own customers.




At SOLEX Digital we are proud to be different. By focusing our support and services entirely to build a digital ecosystem to our clients and helping them explore the digital dynamics of their business to transform their industry with best of breed digital cloud solutions on digital core platforms. This model allows SMEs to be exempted from much of the cost and effort of operating and financing their own IT, because it removes the infrastructure and capital expense as a barrier to entry and allows SMEs to scale up cheaply and rapidly and focus on their core competencies. So, they can start anywhere go everywhere!


SOLEX Digital has built a solid reputation for delivering successful projects and building digital ecosystems to small and medium size businesses. Both on time and within budget. Our team provides consulting services at a global level and has built an impressive roster of clients by combining a cost-effective implementation strategy, an innovative approach to cloud technologies, and excellent customer service.


In SOLEX Digital we leverage our expertise to help clients understand and solve business problems by introducing innovative new business models as well as creating new business opportunities using digital technologies applied to their industry, localized to their markets.




Customer Focus

Our customers are our focus and come first in everything we do



We care about the holistic wellbeing of our people as it is key to our individual and collective excellence



We believe that fairness, honesty and integrity are key to sustainable

business success & long term colleague engagement



We deliver business value to our clients by being the best at what we do

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